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The Ultimate Essex Quiz Questions and Answers

TV would have you believe Essex lacks substance, but that’s far from the truth. Want to find out more? The only way is with these Essex quiz questions.

essex quiz questions and answers

Essex gets a bad press, much-maligned as the home of shopping centres, spray tans and a certain ‘blondeness’.

If you’ve popped your telly on once or twice in the past decade, you’ve probably seen a particular reality show paint a fascinating picture of the county. Thankfully, reality TV is nonsense, and Essex has plenty to offer to tourists and locals alike.

There’s far more to Essex than Lakeside. Take the beautiful Hylands Park, for instance, or Layer Marney Tower, a Tudor palace dating back to the 1500s.

In a world where reality has made a parody of Essex, how confident do you feel tackling our quiz questions about Essex?

essex trivia questions
What is Essex famous for?

Fair warning – we’ll be diving deep here, beyond the fluff and into the culture of a county rich in history.

To be honest, we’ll probably be covering a good bit of the fluff too, or we’re not going to see too many high scores from anyone but the locals.

With that said, how confident are you in your ability to handle our Essex quiz questions – are your trivia skills well reem? Let’s see!

quiz questions about essex
It’s time to find out how well you know Essex!

Essex Quiz Questions

Of all the towns in Essex, which has the largest population?

Which Essex town was once the capital of Britain?

The Essex coastline is supposedly equivalent to driving from London to the Alps. Exactly how long is it?

Which of these celebrities is NOT from Essex?

Which reality TV show is filmed in Essex?

Basildon is infamous for having the highest fake tan volume per square meter. In Essex slang, by what name is often known?

Essex is host to the oldest competition in British history, pitting couples against each other to prove their devotion. What prize do the winners receive?

Essex is home to the world’s oldest wooden church. What’s its name?

Southend Pier offers which form of transport for passengers to travel from the shore to the pierhead?

What is the name of the forest bordering Essex and London?

Which of these athletes is NOT from Essex?

Which motorway links Essex and London?

Tiptree is home to a factory famous for making which condiment?

Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk are collectively known as _________

Which of the following appear on the Essex flag?

Which of these rivers is the longest to flow through Essex?

Which Essex town is most well known for its glamour?

The derogatory ‘Essex Girl’ stereotype applies which trait to women?

How many Zoos are there in Essex?

Which island, located near the Blackwater Estuary, is home to the oldest battlefield in Britain?

what is essex famous for
And that’s it! Did you ace it?

Since you started this quiz, we’ve been reliably informed that nobody has said ‘reem’ since 2010, so apologies for that.

How’d you fare with our quiz questions about Essex? There was a real mix of pop culture and general knowledge there, so don’t worry too much – if you’ve come up a little short, stick an episode of TOWIE on as revision (we’re joking, please don’t)!

Alternatively, practice for your next round of Essex trivia questions by taking a peek at a few fun facts. Planning a holiday? We’ve got some great ideas for days out in the area, so check it out!

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